Our Covid - 19 Response

As you will be aware, the required measures and advice from the government with regards to COVID-19 are continually evolving.

Our thoughts are with all those whose jobs, businesses and/or health has been impacted.

One of the key pieces of advice has been for employers to encourage home working, helping to stem the rate of infection and alleviate the strain on our fantastic NHS. This means that, as Internet Service Providers (ISPs), our service has become vital in order to keep businesses going and families earning.

Protecting Our Engineers & You
We have therefore taken measures in an effort to ensure that our operation continues as normally as possible: Our support is expected to be as normal and our staff will remain available, but we have taken precautions to ensure their well being and safety including COVID testing of our front line staff where necessary. We will be focusing on essential engineering visits and installations only. Any non-essential bookings will not be provided with a date for the time being, but we will be in contact as soon as we are able to. Any customers who are due to have a visit, we ask that you contact us ahead if you or anyone else in your household are showing symptoms so that we can re-arrange the visit for a more suitable time. These measures have been taken to ensure that our support team remain on hand to help and that our field engineering team can remain operational; keeping our businesses and families working from home connected. Our support hours continue to be active (live phone lines) between the hours of 08.30 – 17.00 Monday to Friday and responsive (voicemail call back service) between 17.00 – 20.00 Monday to Friday. Should you struggle to get through on our phone lines, please log a support ticket via our website (optimised for mobile phone use).

We are expecting that our network will have the capacity to handle the extra demand. Some customers may find that there are periods where additional use in the household will affect the performance of their connection. Should you notice this, please contact our support team to discuss the upgrade options.

We would like to remind everyone that no provider can guarantee 100% up time, so if you are working from home and cannot afford to be offline at all, we would strongly advise you putting into place a backup/alternative. One simple way to do this is to tether your laptop to your mobile phone. It’s very easy to do and worth testing out now whilst you do not have an issue. If the mobile phone coverage over your property is an issue, you should try to arrange alternative and safe places for working.

Finally, we’d just like to thank everyone for their patience during these difficult times and to assure you that the Gigapeak Management Team are keeping a watchful eye on the news as it unfolds, ready to mould our operation and business to be able to maintain service delivery for our customers.

Thank You.