Residential Broadband
Broadband for home use

Our Broadband Packages

Gigapeak use a technology called MmWave to deliver extremely fast and reliable internet connections to rural locations in the Hope Valley and adjoining areas. To find out more about what areas we service, contact us.

Super Fast Broadband
40 Mbps
£ 35.99
for a 24 month contract
Ultra Fast Plus Broadband
100 Mbps
£ 44.99
for a 24 month contract
Locations we service

Where We Operate

We operate primarily in the Hope Valley, Derbyshire. We service: Aston, Bamford, Bradwell, Brough, Castleton, Hathersage, Hope, Grindleford, Leam, Offerton, Thornhill and adjacent hillsides.

If you live outside of the areas we have listed, get in touch with us and we will be able to give you a definitive answer if we can service you.

ThE gigapeak difference

Why Use Gigapeak?

Our internet services are ultrafast and reliable but that should be a given.

When you turn on your tap you expect water to flow with good pressure, broadband should be the same. Gigapeak is different. We are a truly local provider. We don't have call centres. We have a small team who will know you by name.
Our coverage area is based on Gigapeak technicians being able to get to any customer in 15 minutes. Try and and get that response from BT!

We are heavily involved with local communities and focused on delivering our services in a sustainable way. You can find out more about us on our About page.

Limited Time Offer

Vouchers Covering 100% Installation Fee

Until the start of March 2021, the government are funding new connections to gigabit capable broadband connections which covers the entire install fee. This is available on a  first come first served basis.

Gigapeak have around 100 vouchers remaining.