Ultra Fast Plus Broadband
GiGAPEAK broadband
How Does It Work?

We mount a small receiver on the outside of your property aimed at one of our transmitters. We do need clear line of sight between this receiving antenna and the nearest transmitter mast. We then run a cable into your property and fit a Wi-Fi router inside that is used to connect your laptops and other internet-enabled devices.
Being completely independent from the ‘copper wire’ infrastructure used by normal broadband providers means that our customers are not impacted by the distance to the local exchange or if a cable in the ground is accidentally cut. It is important to note that even when an area is claimed to be ‘fibre enabled’, all this really means is that the Openreach green street cabinet is fibre connected.  However, the connection from that cabinet to your property is still connected by copper, which severely reduces the speeds over any distance from that cabinet. We do not suffer this problem, which means we can often provide a faster service even to areas that are ‘fibre enabled’.  

Broadband package
Broadband speed
Suitable for:

Ultra Fast Plus Broadband

100 Mbps

Manage large files, stream video and work at speed.

Price for a 12 month contract
£ 49.99
Price for a 24 month contract
£ 44.99
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Vouchers Covering 100% Installation Fee

Until the start of March 2021, the government are funding new connections to gigabit capable broadband connections which covers the entire install fee. This is available on a  first come first served basis.

We at Gigapeak have around 100 vouchers remaining.

Locations we service

Where We Operate

We operate primarily in the Hope Valley, Derbyshire. We service: Aston, Bamford, Bradwell, Brough, Castleton, Hathersage, Hope, Grindleford, Leam, Offerton, Thornhill and adjacent hillsides.

If you live outside of the areas we have listed, get in touch with us and we will be able to give you a definitive answer if we can service you.